Vidmate 2017 Apk Download – Install Old Version For Android

Vidmate 2017 Apk Download For AndroidVidmate 2017 Apk Download for Android

The VidMate 2017 Apk is available for free download on our website. We all know that VidMate is one of the best video download apps for Android devices. You can download all kinds of videos from almost any site using the VidMate app.

Features of ViMate 2017 Apk

Custom Content-Location: One of the most notable features of VidMate 2017 is the custom location of content set for a specific region. If you’re from the US or the UK, you can define your location with settings and get updated videos based on your country. So, you can never miss a single movie or music that is relevant to your country!

Popular videos: The first section of the homepage is the trend videos, which include the latest videos that are at the top in your particular region. There you can find many new and exclusive videos that will entertain you.

Popular Movies: The next section is the Popular Movies section. In this section, you will get the latest movies that have been released and you can download and stream the new movies here. VidMate 2017 Download can allow you to download movies for free!

Popular Music: The Current Music section is the section containing the latest and just released music for you. You can easily download it in MP3 or any other format.

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İşletim sistemi Android 4.2 +
Boyut: 20.60 MB
Dosya adı: vidmate2017.apk
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