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BOMBitUP is an app developed primarily for the Android platform. But it will not be available in traditional stores on mobile. You will have to download it at the app sharing site. We will provide you with BOMBitUP Apk so that you can simply install it on your device. BOMBitUP can allow you to bomb messages, calls, even emails. You will need to conduct surveys to be able to receive free messages from the app. The jokes that BOMBitUP brings will be limited. Therefore, you will not be able to prank too much for another person. If you want to overcome the limitations and create a horror story with your joke, you will have to pay a small fee. We provide BOMBitUP Apk so that you can download and install it. If you do not want to use it as a joke, you can use BOMBitUP to protect yourself from other similar pranks.

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Filename: BOMBitUP_v4.2.apk
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